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Strategically Located

Our company is located in Gujarat- Vadodara, which is 139 km from Gandhinagar and connected to Delhi and Mumbai via National Highway 8. The city connects to Ahmedabad through Indian National Expressway 1. It is an ideal location for the business, focused on small to large scale industries in the city and nearby cities. 

Believes In Perfection

Being a perfectionists, our people go an extra mile to assure the preciseness and functioning of the product they manufacture and supply, giving attention to every single detail. The components made from tin on high speed presses and other manufacturing and assembly machinery, have dimensional accuracy. The machinery we design, engineer, develop and assemble in our machine shop are inspected and trial tested to evaluate whether it is performing as per the specific parameters. Our business focuses on the quality of components and machinery we provide. To deliver perfection, we have implemented and follow quality control measures in our facility.

Market Potential

Global tin market is increasing, given to the increase in production of consumer electronics and growth of packaged food industry. The industries are growing because of the rising consumerism among the increasing middle-class population. The Tin Can Making Machine is useful for creating cans for products, like:
  • Dairy products
  • Processed foods
  • Sweets
  • Ice cream
  • Beverages

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